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The employment law attorneys at Fox & Fox, S.C., provide expert advice and representation to employees involving severance agreements and non-competition agreements with their employers.

Review Of Severance Agreements And Executive Separation Agreements

Severance agreements take many forms and can address a broad range of issues, including lump-sum severance payments, bonuses, additional salary and accrued vacation payments, retirement benefits, employment references, and waivers and releases of potential legal claims against the employer. Before signing or enforcing a separation agreement with your employer, it is important to consult a knowledgeable employment law attorney for advice about your rights and help pursuing them.

At Fox & Fox, our team of employment law experts and skilled employee advocates has extensive experience reviewing, drafting and negotiating severance agreements of all kinds and, when necessary, litigating separation agreement disputes.

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Your Rights And Obligations Under A Non-Compete Agreement

Employers often require "non-competition" agreements that attempt to restrict departing employees from doing similar work or contacting former customers for a specific time or within a particular area after leaving the employer. The law places strict limits on how far an employer can go in imposing such restrictions, depending on the particular situation in each case.

The employment law attorneys at Fox & Fox have substantial experience advising employees about their obligations and legal options and representing them in litigation under non-compete agreements. Our lawyers have a strong record of success in freeing our clients from invalid non-competition restrictions, allowing them to move on successfully with their careers.

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