Because a leaking gas line can be deadly, companies that monitor such lines or bury their cables in the areas surrounding gas lines have a duty to follow safety protocol.

Last summer, a gas leak led to an explosion that destroyed the property of many Sun Prairie residents, Channel 3000 reports. Now, these individuals have filed a lawsuit claiming that five companies were responsible for failing to locate and subsequently damaging the gas line.

The lawsuit’s claims

There are nine plaintiffs involved in the most recent lawsuit, all of whom sustained significant economic and personal damages as a result of the blast. Suddenly finding themselves homeless without warning, the plaintiffs state in their lawsuit that they have suffered substantial hardships, losing work-related income as well as their homes and belongings. The disruption of their personal lives and those of their families caused considerable inconvenience and anxiety.

After the loss of their homes, some of the plaintiffs were able to continue living in the city, but some relocated, finding housing elsewhere.

Early lawsuits

Before the blast, residents and others evacuated the area, but three first responders were present when an unknown source ignited the gas and caused the explosion. One firefighter lost his life, and two others suffered injuries. The two firefighters filed claims against the companies, as did the widow of the firefighter who died. The city has also sued the companies. Since their filing, these four lawsuits have become consolidated and are now a single case, according to the Wisconsin State Journal.

Potential for new lawsuits

Although the nine plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit together, it is not a class action lawsuit. However, there is a possibility that the new litigation could become consolidated with the four earlier lawsuits.

Other people who sustained damages as a result of the explosion may still file lawsuits against the companies.